Recruitology Introduces Enterprise-Level Applicant Tracking and Candidate Matching to Help Small and Medium Businesses Make the Right Hires

San Francisco, CA
April 22, 2019

New features allow employers to easily track and manage candidates from resume submission through hiring.

San Francisco, CA. April 22, 2019. Recruitology today announced new features that bring Applicant Tracking System (ATS) functionality previously available mainly to enterprise customers, to small and mid-size businesses. These features are automatically available to employers advertising their jobs through Recruitology's 400 media partner resellers.

Large employers normally use ATS software to manage their hiring process, saving the organization time and ensuring candidates are processed efficiently. Smaller employers don't often take advantage of these systems, still relying on notes and email folders to track applicants. By working with their local media company to do their recruitment advertising, small and medium employers are able to benefit from applicant tracking and candidate matching without the overhead of a software investment. This service is available at no additional charge for employers using one of Recruitology's media company partners.

New features include:

  • Create and manage talent pools. A talent pool is automatically created for each job opening. Candidates who apply for a job are added to the talent pool associated with the job. Employers can also create their talent pools and share them with other co-workers.
  • Manage hiring pipelines. Candidates come into the system when they apply to a job or when they are discovered through a Candidate Search. Candidates can be manually placed into hiring stages, such as Applied, Phone Screen, and Interview, and so on. They can also be filtered by stage.
  • Auto-rating of candidates using proprietary SmartMatchâ„¢ technology. Candidates in a talent pool are scored for relevance based on their background and fit with the job description. Recruitology's SmartMatch system learns what the employer wants and refines the rating criteria, making auto-rating an even more valuable time-saving service.

Using Recruitology's Candidate Search solution, employers can search for candidates meeting their criteria and add them to a talent pool for use with a current job posting, or for matching with potential future job openings.

Media companies selling Recruitology's recruitment platform are now able to offer their employers an end-to-end recruitment solution, reaching a wide range of qualified candidates, viewing them as part of a talent pool, and managing those candidates through a simple hiring process.

About Recruitology

Recruitology's recruitment platform for publishers and media companies includes programmatic job distribution and access to a network of niche job boards and destination sites spanning popular categories from entry-level to healthcare, diversity, engineering and technology. New additions to the Recruitology product suite include a white-labeled job board and candidate search capability. Automated job monitoring, tracking, and analytics ensure employers get access to the right candidates.

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