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Increase your in-house recruiting team's bandwidth with the Sourced solution. Sourced locates and qualifies candidates with a winning combination of top aggregators, job boards, and outreach from our sourcing experts.

What you can expect with Sourced:
  • Extend your in-house recruiting team. Sourced complements your recruiters, letting them focus on the most critical parts of the hiring process: final interviews, hiring, and on-boarding.
  • Get the best of both worlds. Sourced delivers active candidates from MaxRecruit™ and our best-in-class audience- or industry-specific job boards. Our networks span a wide range of industry and specialty job sites, reaching groups such as veterans, the disabled, and diverse candidates. At the same time, passive candidates are identified and contacted by our sourcing experts.
  • Make the most of every recruiting dollar. Sourced is ideal for hiring all positions, and especially cost-effective when you need multiple candidates for the same position, and for mid- to senior-level positions.
  • See results within 30 days. Your client manager will make sure your hiring effort stays on track, and will deliver interested, qualified candidates throughout the 30 day engagement period.
Sourced FAQ
  • I use job boards and I have an internal staff. Why do I need Sourced?

    Sourced is an on-demand service geared toward improving your productivity, which is critical to the hiring process.

    Clients who use Sourced can focus on high value work such as interviewing, assessing qualified candidates, and meeting with hiring managers.

    We manage high volume sourcing, qualifying, and all your time consuming work to put you in the best position for success.

  • Do you guarantee hires?

    No. Sourced offers the best value because we identify and find the best candidates for you to interview for a fraction of the cost of search firms. Our goal is to deliver qualified and interested candidates that are hireable.

    And we don't charge extra for multiple hires. We guarantee on-target resumes and put you in the best hiring position for success.

    One aspect of the Intake call is to determine the potential for success. If after the Intake call, we determine that the chance of success is low, we stop the process without charging you.

  • How is Sourced different from a search firm?

    Search firms cost 10-15 times as much as Sourced and we often deliver the same candidates, but we deliver qualified candidates faster.

    Over the average 30 day process, our clients see a majority of qualified candidates in the first 2 weeks. We don't guarantee a hire, but we guarantee on-target resumes. If you hire multiple candidates from your search, it's still one low price.

  • How long do I have access to the resumes?

    Once the project is complete, you will have future access to all the candidates that were sourced or applied to your position. The resumes are your data and you own them. With this, you can view and download them at any time.

  • Can I hire more than one person from an engagement, and will it cost me more money?

    You can hire as many people as you choose based on an engagement, and all for one low price. If a 30-day engagement supplies 50 qualified candidates, and you hire them all, the price of the process does not change.

  • Can you find candidates in a specific geographical location?

    Yes. Every search is customized to the specific criteria given by our client. Our record of success is based on sourcing on a national and global level.

    Each project is for a single position and its location. During the Intake call with your client manager, location, distance, and relocation will be discussed as part of the sourcing strategy.

  • Can you fill unique, highly-specialized positions?

    The majority of the positions we process are unique and specialized positions. We can find any skill set using our proprietary process.

    Our long term client relationships usually begin when we find a solution to a client's lingering problem being unable to identify candidates or not having the time to search.

    What about hourly and executive jobs? Absolutely. We have tremendous success with hourly jobs and executive level positions. Generally, hourly jobs have multiple openings and leveraging Sourced usually gives our clients multiple hires.

    Executive level positions make up 30% of our job assignments and save our clients 10-15 times the money they could invest in search firms.

  • How fast can you get me qualified candidates?

    You could have qualified and interested candidates within 2 – 3 business days after the Calibration Call.

    Sourcing takes place overnight and once the you provide feedback, the phone and outbound email efforts begin from Velocity's offices in Tampa, Florida and Aurora, Illinois.

  • My company is too big/small for Sourced?

    We work with Fortune 50 companies, start-up companies, and scale to any size business. We work with all types of industries and have never met a company that we couldn't meet their demands.

    Our value proposition allows us to manage the overflowing data coming into larger businesses and provide greater access to job boards and a wider scope of qualified talent to smaller businesses. Sourced allows all hiring managers to concentrate on actual hiring work.

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"In the short time we've been using the Recruitology product, we've increased our upsells by 20%, and have had positive feedback from our advertisers. "

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