Virtual Career Fair

Connect employers with local job seekers in a virtual online environment

Employers can attract and engage candidates in a no-contact job fair, including one-on-one chat, and opportunities to amplify their brand.

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Career fairs remain an important part of employers’ outreach efforts to recruit new talent. In the current environment, “no contact” events make more sense than ever, and provide a great opportunity to highlight an employer brand and engage candidates.

What you can expect with a Virtual Career Fair:

  • Artificial intelligence technology helps employers prioritize candidates with the most relevant experience and skills.
  • Online venue offers exhibitors multiple opportunities to showcase branding.
  • Employers can download contact information for all attendees after the event, including those who did not visit the employer’s booth.
  • Immersive event experience lets job seekers view information about hiring employers -- including images, brand overviews and video.
  • Job seekers can engage in one-on-one chat interviews with employers.
  • Employers can have multiple recruiters, each chatting simultaneously with multiple job seekers.
  • Online event structure lets all participants realize the benefits of a career fair, without the risk and costs associated with an in-person event.
  • The employer’s booth remains live for a month from the start of the event, to capture information on residual job seeker visitors.