FREE Applicant Tracking System (ATS) gets upgrades

General Recruiting

Many large businesses already enjoy the benefits of an applicant tracking system (ATS) to track and manage candidates, create talent pools, and shorten the overall recruitment cycle.

With our free ATS, those benefits are available to the numerous small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. that need to recruit and hire in the most streamlined way.

We’re pleased to announce some powerful upgrades to our free ATS. Here they are:

My Job Board

My Job Board is a new feature that allows employers to promote their open positions on their own website, using our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). By linking from your website to this employer-branded mini job board, you quickly have an integrated application system. 

If you already have a Careers section on your website, this new feature includes job listing and search modules that you can embed anywhere on your Careers section.

Applicants can just click and apply right from My Job Board.

Facebook Passive Audience Campaign

The Facebook Passive Audience Campaign is a great solution when you need to reach a broad audience of potential candidates who are not actively job hunting.

Ads appear on the Facebook member’s news feed, consistent with Special Ad Categories. Along with being able to view Facebook ads (and status), employers will also have the ability to update the image, as well as the ad copy, for an active ad.

Improved Reporting

We created faster, more transparent, and more visual reporting. And now you can track analytics for each job, regardless of the origin of your post.

With that limitation removed, it's easy to track, for example, the performance of job campaigns from outside sources, such as an employee referral program, or other job posting distribution. 

You can also generate a job posting landing page to monitor the performance of a specific employee referral program, marketing program for your job posting, or your job posting distribution.

More Features Coming!

We're launching our in-portal ecommerce solution soon!